A Hilarious Problem Is Haunting 'World Of Warcraft Classic'

A Hilarious Problem Is Haunting 'World Of Warcraft Classic'

Thanks to countless updates that reflect evolving design tastes, you generally don't have to confront how terrible older versions of modern software used to be. That's why it's pretty funny that beta testers are reporting tons of "bugs" in a World Of Warcraft release that aren't bugs at all, but features ... in the version from August 2006.

From Blizzard's official statement on the issues in the beta for World Of Warcraft Classic, a re-release of an early version of the game, we can surmise that the testers are split into two camps. There are the ones who've never played early versions of WOW, and thus have no concept of how it was an unintuitive trash heap compared to today's version. Then there's the group that played it back in '06, but whose fuzzy memories of their fun times conveniently left out the antiquated parts that have been slowly washed away by 13 years of updates.

A Hilarious Problem Is Haunting 'World Of Warcraft Classic'
Blizzard Entertainment
“Of course you don’t remember it as a mess. You weren’t even born yet.”

There are some lessons to be learned here, like how young whippersnappers don't know what they're talking about, and how old-timers should blow their rose-tinted views of the past straight out their giant orc butts. The most important lesson, though, seems to be that this is all a big waste of time and money, since no one wants to play a game that feels old.

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