Trying to find the important stories in the weekly news cycle is like playing Where's Waldo. No reasonable person can be expected to stay on top of every update while maintaining their sanity, so we have taken it upon ourselves to quickly summarize the most important and/or ridiculous news stories from the last week (or so).

Dolph Lundgren signs on for villain role in Aquaman movie

NASA Cassini Explorer presents possible evidence of Saturn moon capable of supporting life

Audio from a Burger King ad activated Google devices to search for Whopper definition

Small family-run newspaper win Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing

New York will offer free four year college tuition

US deploys warships to Korean peninsula. North Korea warns of retaliation if provoked

Comedian Charlie Murphy dies

US drops Mother Of All Bombs on ISIS forces in Afghanistan

X-Men Artist hides anti-Jewish and anti-Christian messages in recent comic issue

Alabama governor resigns and arrested after using state funds to cover affair

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau launching plans for Canadian marijuana legalization

Murder-suicide in San Bernardino school ends with 2 adults and 1 child dead, and another child injured

United Airlines passenger forcibly removed from over booked flight

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