The Top 10 Cracked Posts You Shared Last Week 4/26

This week nothing was as it seemed: not The Rock, Techno Viking, trees, Jedi's or Snoop & Something About Mary.


If it weren't for the circumstances surrounding this photo, we'd say it was downright cool.

American Photo

NARRATOR VOICE: "For so long, no one smelled what The Rock was hiding..."

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Notable Comment: [Drew Flowers] "Everyone at the Head Enhancement clinic said no one would notice!"

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And then on top of all that, they have to live in Belgium. (We're kidding, Belgium! We love your beer.)

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Notable Comment: [Chris Kwon Lewis] "A big chunk of their money also doesn't go towards fighting pointless wars."

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Techno Viking found Techno Lawyer.

Notable Comment: [Jesse Wynn] "I always thought Techno Viking went under the assumed name of "Olaf the Berserker" and hid from internet fame in the online game "League of Legends"."

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The Jedi pretty much train people and Muppets to manipulate minds and crush throats without giving them strict guidelines. There's the Jedi Council, but it seems to have all the political power of a U.N. ambassador's wife's book club.


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If you went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School in the late 1980's you might have bought pot from Calvin Broadus, like a popular blond cheerleader turned popular blond actress probably did.

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just remember: any ad attempting to be "with it" or funny basically reflects what your weird aunt thinks is cool and modern.

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Notable Comment: [Cam Sortland] "It's almost like rich old people have no idea what it's like to be an average young person."

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In the non-porn world, spitting is not a good way to lubricate, and it's also associated with either a sign of disrespect or a sign that someone has something gross in their mouth.

Notable Comment: [Ian E. Palmer] "You forgot to mention Hepatitis A for the ass-to-mouth stuff.

Definitely just had to decide whether I wanted to add "ass-to-mouth" to my phone's dictionary. #thankscracked"

Claudia Hung/iStock/Getty Images

One bad Trevor apple does indeed spoil the whole rotten gaming barrel.

Boss Tip: If you're going to fire the director of information management, make sure to eliminate his remote access.

Notable Comment: [Ryan Konrath] "Funniest part is, most people who would fire their IT director don't know how to eliminate the remote access."

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