Series of Dispatches from the Mushroom Kingdom


Every once in a while, we like to run guest articles from websites and writers whose work we enjoy. It's our little way of saying "We forgot to write an article last night." This week's comes from the hilarious Avery Edison of, who takes us on a tour through various dispatches from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Writes in his Diary.

Dear Diary, It's-a me. It was another bad day. Or night- can't tell anymore. swear, spend so much time underground or in fortress that dont know what

A Koopa Troopa Writes to his Family from the Front Lines.

Dear Mother, Well, it's been a day since I shipped out, and everyone else in my platoon is dead. I know, right? I was shocked, to be honest with you.

Series of Dispatches from the Mushroom Kingdom

Princess Peach writes to Luigi.

Hello, Luigi How are you? Good, good. Glad to hear it. I'm writing because I've become little concerned about your brother lately. He seems little dis

Mario Writes to Princess Peach

Dear Princess, It's a-me, Mario! Or Luigi. Who LOL carcs, as long rescued, as you're getting right? have to cut to the chase here: can't do this anymo

And all this for what? A single kiss from you? Maybe? I've been where on adventures we meet at the end and simply walk off camcra, with barely hug bet

Mario's Police Report

Mushroom Kingdom Police Department Shigeru Miyamoto, Chief of Police kkingaony The man known only as 'Mario' was found lying at the bottom of the Smit

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