4 Famous Landmarks That Look Nothing Like You Think

We've all seen countless images of the most well-known landmarks in the world. However, the following photos reveal the shocking truth behind some of those landmarks, sort of like the first time you saw a picture of the dehydrated crocodile anus hiding beneath Gene Simmons' KISS makeup.

#4. The Heads on Easter Island Are Actually Full Statues


Easter Island, one of the most isolated places in the world, is known for the giant disembodied heads that dot its landscape like the basketball court at a Taliban rec center.

The thing is, those heads aren't disembodied at all -- they're the tops of giant stone statues that have been buried up to their necks like Ted Danson in Creepshow. They didn't sink over time, either, but were intentionally set onto mounts deep underground.


#3. The Eiffel Tower Was a Giant Billboard


Paris and its world-famous robot Skeletor penis have always been icons of class and sophistication. Seemingly since photography began, pictures of the Eiffel tower have been sold in coffee shops across the globe to people wearing scarves in the middle of summer to tack to the wall of their studio apartment while listening to The Decemberists.

Industrialist Andre Citroen rented the Effiel Tower for an entire decade and emblazoned it with his own name, which incidentally was also the name of his auto company. This is like if John DeLorean paid to have his name spraypainted in DayGlo on the Washington Monument.


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