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People shared these last week like you're right now sharing sad Ben Affleck.

Think Batman can't handle Superman? Please. Batman had a quickdraw contest with what was essentially a god, and shot him dead.

"Don't pretend Batman can outdraw a beam of light but can't save Two-Face from falling off a ledge. The truth is, he just didn't care to."

Drinking diet soda is like playing weight loss on hard mode.

"While you may think you're helping out your diet by allowing yourself some low-calorie (but still sweet) alternatives, chances are you're actually screwing over your waistline in the long run."

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Metallics were back this year at Fashion Week. So now your tin foil hat provides ample safety AND style!

"Not only has the federal government secretly tested biological warfare on U.S. citizens, they've actually killed someone while doing it."

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was rock as f*@K.

"Even though she sang gospel music, the religious establishment didn't understand her -- but teenagers did, making her one of the first musical super stars."

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As if the romanticized portrayal of antebellum plantation life wasn't insulting enough.

"We've entered an age where attention spans just aren't what they used to be. We don't have time read a bunch of descriptions or instructions anymore. We just want to be told what we're buying -- no bullshit."

"I'll just cut right to the quick here: Elsa's gloves are a symbol for her dependence on antidepressants."

"Her parents literally use the phrase 'Conceal, don't feel,' as if her suffering is some kind of twisted Mother Goose rhyme. It's like trying to prevent suicide by chanting 'Fun, not gun.'"

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The movie really should have been called "Zack Snyder v Superman"

The hardy-har in-your-face-ery of the #TheTriggering is sort of pointless. In a National Coalition Against Censorship survey, fewer than 1 percent had any experience with Trigger Warnings in college classrooms at all.

"The best way to deal with this Trigger Warning epidemic is to stop getting so upset whenever you hear about Trigger Warnings."

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The values of someone who grew up in Mississippi will probably be downright repulsive to someone who grew up in San Francisco and vice-versa. It would be weird if they weren't.

"America is always on the verge of falling apart."

If you think that there's a slur for white people that's as oppressively powerful as the N-word, well, you need to learn a few things.

"People have a lot of interesting excuses when they're caught being racist. Why do they tell these obvious, transparent lies? Do they think you're that dumb? Maybe. But maybe they aren't lies at all."

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