Iconic Movie Scenes Extended: Silence of the Lambs

Doctor Hannibal Lecter may be a true sociopath, but he is also a board-certified psychotherapist - finding a serial killer isn't the only problem he can help you resolve. We're pleased to present cracked Alum Haley Mancini as Clarice Starling an FBI agent who just needs to talk to somebody.

Cast and Crew

Director of Photography:  Maryn McGaw
Editor:  Rob Gentile
Hannibal Lector:  Chris Ekert
Guard:  Ify Nwadiwe
Sound:  Tim Neumann
Set Builder:  Ele Woods
Hair/Makeup:  Madeline Wager
Producer/Writer, Clarice:  Haley Mancini
Director:  Cody Ziglar
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