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5 Movie Villains That Would Make Great Leaders

If faced with picking Donald Trump or Cersei Lannister as your villain-in-chief, the clear choice is the woman who has no problem throwing kids from windows.

Cast and Crew

Art Director:  Peter Macaluso
Hair/Makeup:  Amber Bruehl
Still Photographer:  Ashly Covington
Chef:  Joey Thompson
Head of Production:  Moana Sherrill
Daniel's Brain:  Anthony Clark
Soren's Brain/Animation:  Chase Suddarth
Animation:  Matt Schneck
1st AD:  Joshua Fu
Set PA:  Oliver Deutsch
Director of Photography:  Matt Edwards
1st AC:  Nacia Schreiner
Key Grip:  Pierre Habib
Gaffer:  Andy Carazo
Sound Mixer:  Anthony Kozlowski
Dan:  Daniel O'Brien
Michael:  Michael Swaim
Soren:  Soren Bowie
Michael's Brain:  Winston Rowntree
Katie:  Katie Willert
Director:  Abe Epperson
Waitress/Katie's Brain:  Starline Hodge
Editor:  Nick Rood
Associate Producer:  Bridgett Greenberg
Producer:  Teresa Lee
Post Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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