Super Mario Odyssey's Crazy Cap is Creepy AF

If there's anything to be gleaned from the latest 'Mario' game, it's that' Mario's hat is the source of an apocalypse that will destroy humanity as we know it.

Cast and Crew

Head of Production:  Moana Sherrill
Director of Photography:  Andrew Jeric
AC:  Justin Cirulli
Gaffer:  Mario Colli
Sound Mixer:  Scott Hardie
Teleprompter:  Andrew Ahlquist
Editor:  Justin Donaldson
Motion Graphics:  Tom Phillips
Self:  Tom Reimann
Self:  Adam Ganser
Director:  Adam Ganser
Post Producer:  Nick Rood
Self:  Katie Goldin
Associate Producer:  Bridgett Greenberg
Producer:  Teresa Lee
Post Production Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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