How Banks Are Stealing Your Money

Pretty sure ATMs making us pay them to get our own money is how the robot uprising begins.

Cast and Crew

Head of Production:  Moana Sherrill
1st AD:  Cristi Rumpza
PA:  Jacob Johnson
Teleprompter:  Andrew Ahlquist
Director of Photography:  Matt Edwards
1st AC:  Jake Gigliotti
DIT:  Kevin Calderon
Gaffer:  Trey Betts
Sound Mixer:  Scott Hardie
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Grippaldi
Editor:  Adam Bowers
Director:  Adam Ganser
Post Producer:  Nick Rood
Host:  Carmen Angelica
Associate Producer:  Bridgett Greenberg
Post Production Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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