This Is Exactly Why You SHOULD Be Able To Talk At The Movies

Yes, there are times when people should be able to talk in a theater. Yes, we're expecting most of you to just skip straight to the comments section and start raging.

Cast and Crew

Booth Operator:  Scott Garland
Candy:  Natalia Bushnik
Christianne:  Chantale Renee
Flossy:  Bracken Burns
Glasses:  Frederick Gietz
Jackson:  Jon Blair
Jeremy:  Frank Phillips
Martha:  Kate Conway
Safra:  Hannan Younis
Ted:  Andrew Knobbs
Creator & Producer, Story Editor:  Geoff Lapaire
Co-Producer:  Jeremy Thornhill
Animation Director / Creative Technical Director:  A.J. Cote
Production Manager:  Aisha King
Rigging:  Alexander Matthews
Rigging:  Marsha Tull
Rigging:  Raashid Ifill
Animator:  Aisha King
Animator:  Alexander Matthews
Animator:  Marsha Tull
Animator:  Nikita Williams
Animator:  Raashid Ifill
Animator:  Raheem Lythcott
Animator:  Shamar Jordan
Animator:  Tameisha Worrell
Sound Recorder:  Eric Taylor
Sound Recorder:  Aaron Gaistman
Composer:  David DeDourek
Social Media Manager:  Andy Hull
Credits Illustrator:  Luke Humphris
Creator & Producer, Storyboard Artist:  Winston Rowntree
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