The Importance Of Reaching Out To Old Teachers

It's extremely important to not get your letters to teachers you loved mixed up with the letters going to the teachers you used to have naughty thoughts about.

Cast and Crew

Social Media Manager:  Andy Hull
Booth Operator:  Scott Garland
Credits Illustrator:  Luke Humphris
Candy:  Natalia Bushnik
Christianne:  Chantale Renee
Flossy:  Bracken Burns
Glasses:  Frederick Gietz
Jackson:  Jon Blair
Jeremy:  Frank Phillips
Martha:  Kate Conway
Safra:  Hannan Younis
Ted:  Andrew Knobbs
Creator & Producer, Story Editor:  Geoff Lapaire
Co-Producer:  Jeremy Thornhill
Animation Director / Creative Technical Director:  A.J. Cote
Production Manager:  Aisha King
Rigging:  Alexander Matthews
Rigging:  Marsha Tull
Rigging:  Raashid Ifill
Animator:  Aisha King
Animator:  Alexander Matthews
Animator:  Marsha Tull
Animator:  Nikita Williams
Animator:  Raashid Ifill
Animator:  Raheem Lythcott
Animator:  Shamar Jordan
Animator:  Tameisha Worrell
Sound Recorder:  Eric Taylor
Sound Recorder:  Aaron Gaistman
Composer:  David DeDourek
Social Media Manager:  Andy Hull
Credits Illustrator:  Luke Humphris
Creator & Producer, Storyboard Artist:  Winston Rowntree
Creator & Producer, Storyboard Artist:  Winston Rowntree
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