Why All Ubisoft Games Are The Same

Ubisoft seemed to be into some creative stuff with their 'Rayman' series. And then Tom Clancy happened.

Cast and Crew

Head of Production:  Rosie Kaller
Director of Photography:  Carissa Dorson
1st AC:  Seth Law
1st AC:  Chris Oeurn
Camera Operator:  Melisse Sporn
G&E:  Aaron Pagniano
G&E:  Mario Colli
Sound Mixer:  Luis Molgaard
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Post Assitant:  Emil Grecian
l33t:  Michael Swaim
Head Writer:  Cody Johnston
Director, Writer:  Adam Ganser
n00b:  Greg Burke
Post Producer:  Nick Rood
Video Intern:  Cristian Ramirez
Associate Producer:  Bridgett Greenberg
Producer:  Teresa Lee
Post Production Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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