7 True Stories That Should've Already Been Made Into Movies

Dear Hollywood: How about releasing a movie that isn't about something that happened, like, six seconds ago?

Cast and Crew

Head of Production:  Rosie Kaller
Producer/DP:  Carissa Dorson
Panelist:  Steven Wilber
Panelist:  Lindsay Adams
Panelist:  Sunah Bilsted
Panelist:  Eli Olsberg
Talent Proudcer:  Anna Hossnieh
PA:  Brian Hanford
Camera Operator:  Melisse Sporn
Camera Operator:  Byron Leon
Camera Operator:  Eduardo Wienskoski
Sound Engineer:  Brett Rader
Host:  Jack O'Brien
Co-Host:  Michael Swaim
Panelist:  Tom Reimann
Editor:  Breandan Carter
Panelist:  Alex Schmidt
Panelist:  Carmen Angelica
Post Production Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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