Why The Queen Isn't The Real Villain In Snow White

Disney clearly is a propaganda machine opposed to elderly, single women.

Cast and Crew

Snow White:  Melissa Hunter
Queen/Witch:  Kristin Rozanski
Mirror:  Dan Black
Guard:  Mike Quirk
Director/Editor:  Matt Kazman
Producer:  Michele Santoro
Production Coordinator:  Brian Hanford
Script Supervisor:  Sara Geralds
PA:  Arion James
Director of Photography:  Carissa Dorson
1st AC:  Chris Oeurn
2nd AC/DIT:  Holly Horne
Gaffer:  Aaron Pagniano
Key Grip:  Hunter Truman
Swing:  Kendall McCrory
Art Director:  Peter Macaluso
Wardrobe:  Tiffany Maxwell
Art Assistant:  Jon Gomez
Special FX Makeup:  Chloe Sens
Makeup:  Kathleen Pardo
Sound Mixer:  Anthony Kozlowski
VFX:  Ryan Ensign
VFX:  Joanna Newman
Post Produer:  Nick Rood
Post Production Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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