The Best Way To Pick The Worst Intern

Interns: the only people you aren't obligated to pay that you'll still lose a bunch of money on.

Cast and Crew

Head of Production:  Rosie Kaller
Dana:  Emily Durrett
Production Coordinator:  Ruby Marez
1st AD:  Alexander Harrison Jacobs
2nd AD/PA:  MJ Watz
Set PA:  Mitchell Brown
2nd AC/DIT:  Briana DelGiorno
A Camera Operator:  Ian Abjorsen
Key Grip:  Jesse Lee
Sound Mixer:  Eric Bucklin
Art Director:  Peter Macaluso
Art Assistant:  Elijah Beede
Wardrobe Director:  Alex Simone
Key Makeup Assistant:  Amber Bruehl
Script Supervisor:  Hannah Driscoll
Studio Teacher:  Amy Stanoszek
Opening Sequence:  Dustin Parsons
Bob:  Daniel O'Brien
Executive Producer:  Jack O'Brien
Freddy:  Michael Swaim
Taylor:  Soren Bowie
Vic:  Cody Johnston
Lucy:  Katy Stoll
Director:  Abe Epperson
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
Post Producer:  Nick Rood
Sasha:  Carmen Angelica
Associate Producer:  Bridgett Greenberg
Producer:  Teresa Lee
Post Production Supervisor:  Christina Newhall
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