Great Performances from People Who Weren't Actors

Figure out which one these things is not like the other, and we'll tell you who we're looking forward to the least in Christopher Nolan's new war film: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and One Direction's Harry Styles.

Cast and Crew

Makeup Artist:  Tania Haim
Art Director:  Elijah Beede
Camera Operator:  Matthew Hardesty
Head of Production:  Moana Sherrill
Director of Photography:  Andrew Jeric
Sound:  Scott Hardie
Self:  Dan O'Brien
Editor:  Justin Donaldson
A/C:  Justin Cirulli
Gaffer:  Inga Mitanyan
Self:  Soren Bowie
Director:  Adam Ganser
Post Producer:  Nick Rood
Producer:  Teresa Lee
Self:  Maggie Mae Fish
Post Supervisor:  Christina Newhall