The Stumbling Dead

What No One Is Pointing Out In Walking Dead

Crossbows continue to be an outdated and foolish method of annihilating hordes of zombies. Or, you know, even two or three zombies.

Cast and Crew

Editor:  Gregg Meller
Visual Effects:  Ryan Ensign
Arrow:  Espie Randolph
Hunter:  Tess Paras
Jask:  Brennan Kelleher
Zlarma:  Haley Mancini
Zombie 5:  Jon Ryan McMahon
Zombie 6:  Nicholas Daley Clark
Survivor 1:  Chloe Keenan
Survivor 2:  Carter Hottovy
Survivor 4:  Greg Scali
Survivor 3:  Jennifer Tate
Head of Production:  Rosie Kaller
Producer:  Moana Sherrill
Associate Producer:  Joshua Tate
1st AD:  Michael Konopisos
2nd AD:  Mara Baker
Key Set PA:  Kenny House
Set PA/Driver:  Tim Deal
Set PA/Driver:  Jason Konopisos
Video Intern:  Bridgett Greenber
Script Supervisor:  Josh Gannon
B Cam Operator:  Ian Asbjomsen
1st AC A Cam:  Nacia Schreiner
1st AC B Cam:  David Bostrom
1st AC:  Jordan Scott
1st AC:  John Calabrese
2nd AC/DIT:  Austin Wood
2nd AC/DIT:  Aaron Mager
Gaffer:  Jeff Peters
Best Boy Electric:  Anthony Roldan
Key Grip:  JD Ramage
Key Grip:  Jake Basnett
Key Grip:  Michael Swaitek
Best Boy Grip:  Max Joslyn
Best Boy Grip:  Donato Bragagnolo
Photography:  Nick Cinelli
Photography:  Dima Otvertchenko
Best Boy Grip:  Burak Bekiroglu
Best Boy Grip:  Cary Weiland
Production Sound Mixer:  Eric Bucklin
Production Sound Mixer:  Phillip Bladh
Production Designer:  Meg Bell
Art Director:  Bob St. Laurent
Art Director:  Oren Tuvia
Costume Designer:  Dakota Keller
Costume Assistant:  EB Brooks
Make Up Artist:  Heather Galipo
Make UP Assistant:  Bianca Appice
Make Up Assistant:  Michelle Sfarzo
Make Up Assistant:  Trista Metz
Assistant Editor:  David Pergolini
VFX:  Ryan Ensign
Set Catering:  Tosha WIlliams
BTS Shooter:  Leann Bowen
Cape:  Michael Swaim
Suit:  Cody Johnston
Great Leader:  Katie Willert
Nametag:  Katy Stoll
Zerm:  Dylan Seaton
Zombie 2:  Breandan Carter
Social Media Promotion:  Dan Duddy
Director:  Abe Epperson
Graphic Design:  Randall Maynard
Zombie 3:  Adam Ganser
B Unit Director:  Adam Ganser
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
Zombie 4:  Alex Schmidt
Zombie 1:  Starline Hodge
Producer/Lead Editor:  Nick Rood
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