How Kickstarter Is Terrible For Movies

Only the future of cool looking shit we absolutely do not need.

Cast and Crew

Director:  David Bell
Set PA:  Birdgett Greenberg
Assistant Camera:  Katie Walker
Sound Mixer:  Ian Beeuwkes
Gaffer:  Leonora Anzaldua Burke
Alec Gillis:  Alec Gillis
Camille Balsamo:  Camille Balsamo
Matt Winston:  Matt Winston
Lance Henriksen:  Lance Henriksen
Giovonnie Samuels:  Giovonnie Samuels
Reid Collums:  Reid Collums
Winston Francis:  Winston Francis
Mike Estime:  Mike Estime
Editor:  J.F. Sargent
Director:  Adam Ganser
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
Post Producer:  Nick Rood
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