What Action Heroes Do Between Movies

Even superheroes need to cut loose.

Cast and Crew

Composer:  Kenny Wood
Producer:  Alan Miller
Head of Production:  Jen Roskind
Assistant Director:  Laura Dziamba
Director of Photgraphy:  Matthew Edwards
1st Assistant Camera:  Marissa Deal
DIT:  Kevin Calderon
Gaffer:  Andrew McIntosh
Key Grip:  Seth McQueen
G/E Swing:  Ivan Herrera
Production Designer:  Angel Herrera
Art Assistant:  Edwin To
Art Assistant:  Prescilla Watson
Sound Mixer:  Eric Bucklin
Boom Operator:  Ian Beeuwkes
Costume Designer:  Kate Frye
Hair and Makeup/Fancy Lady:  Heather Galipo
Hair/Makeup Assistant:  Megan Williams
Production Assistant:  Gray Morrison
Production Assistant:  Alex Lu
Bummed Bride:  Tiffany Baldwin
Manic Pixie:  Meg Cianni
Kneival Mistanze:  Teddy Garces
Scarlotta Chomps:  Kelly Fry
Danger Mike:  Nicholas Day Clark
Bryan Babyduck:  Craig Frank
George Hintshin:  Dan Gordon
Jean Cusakatron:  Daniel Vincent Gordh
Scarlotta Stunt Double:  Talyn Edelson
Raid Max:  Soren Bowie
Casting Director:  Katy Stoll
Associate Producer:  Breandan Carter
Director/Editor/Sound Designer:  Adam Ganser
Trock Monstertruck:  Greg Burke
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