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7 Ways 'GTA V' Knows Its Fanbase (Are Terrible People)

It's almost scary how well this game knows us.

Cast and Crew

Editor:  Tim Merlau
Sound Mixer:  Ian Wellman
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Gaffer:  Andrew McIntosh
B Camera Operator:  Janine Sides
Set Production Assistant:  Lizzie Lockard
Assistant Director:  Carly Sturgeon
DIT:  Nacia Schreiner
Director of Photography:  Matthew Edwards
Head of Production:  Jen Roskind
Producer:  Nick Lazo
Daniel:  Daniel O'Brien
Director:  Abe Epperson
Writer:  Adam Ganser
A Camera Operator:  Michael Cox
Alex:  Alex Schmidt
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