Season 2

5 Dating Profile Photo Hacks That Work (And Aren't Worth It)

Everything in life is a competition.

Cast and Crew

Caterer:  Sunny Dutta
Costume Supervisor:  Christine Nguyen
G/E Swing:  Vincent Kelly
G/E Swing:  Alex Laber
Key Grip:  Ryan Hueter
Gaffer:  Andrew McIntosh
Boom Operator:  Ian Beeuwkes
Sound Mixer:  Eric I. Bucklin
Still Photographer:  Meredith Lynn
StediCam Operator:  David Baldwin
A 2nd Asst. Camera:  Ken Shinoza
B 1st Asst. Camera:  Marissa Deal
A 2nd Asst. Camera:  Kevin Calderon
A 1st Asst. Camera:  Jefri Meintjes
A Camera Operator:  Kevin Castro
2nd 2nd Asst. Director:  Milton Cheng
Kerri:  Keylor Leigh
Thuy:  Jessica Rona
Christina:  Leah Cohen
Corrine:  Amy Okuda
Director of Photography:  Matthew Edwards
Production Assistant:  David Weber
Hair/Makeup:  Amber Bruehl
Art Director:  Alicia Petersen
Production Designer:  Emily Auble
Costume Designer:  Alex Simone
Assistant Director:  Gil Marsden
Rush:  Damian Washington
Elise:  C. Ashleigh Caldwell
Head of Production:  Jen Roskind
SFX Makeup:  Pepe Mora
Dog:  Maggie Stolhnston
Oswalt:  Josh Fingerhut
Nigel:  Adam Todd Brown
Gus:  Felipe Figueroa
Drew:  Alex Moore
Creator/Writer/Blake:  Daniel O'Brien
Max:  Michael Swaim
Casting Director/Animal Wrangler:  Katy Stoll
Producer:  Breandan Carter
Josie:  Kaitlin Large
Director/Editor/Creator:  Adam Ganser
Editor:  Nick Rood
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