How to Rebuild Society After the Apocalypse

Worst book club ever.

Cast and Crew

Production Designer:  Amanda Fritz
Unit Production Manager:  Jourdan Lees
Head of Production:  Jen Roskind
Director of Photography:  Jake Macpherson
Assistant Camera:  Ben Sherrill
Swing:  Dustin Masters
Key Grip:  Billy Gomes
Gaffer:  Forrest Clark
Sound Mixer:  Dan Davis
Production Assistant:  Maddy Eissler
Susan:  Valerie Parker
Hair/Makeup:  Lacie Madison
Editor:  Jeff Feazell
Phil:  Daniel O'Brien
Tom:  Michael Swaim
Writer/Frank:  Soren Bowie
Carl:  Cody Johnston
Producer:  Breandan Carter
Director:  Abe Epperson
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