Why Men Weren't Featured in Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty

Cast and Crew

Logo Design:  Roger Johnson
Shy Girl:  Kristin Turner
Music:  Matt Killiany
Music:  Greg Crittenden
Co-Producer/Co-Director/Co-Editor:  Dan Allen
Creepy Dude:  Sean Gartner
Shy Girl:  Marcy Ann Wiegert
Shy Girl:  Kelsey McClure
Shy Girl:  Gina Cassaro
Shy Girl:  Kelsey Rightnowar
Shy Girl:  Sarah Hitzel
Shy Girl:  Tracy Lynn
Shy Girl:  Hannah Radcliff
Shy Girl:  Lauren Winchester
Shy Girl:  Jessica Leitch
Shy Girl:  Rease Kirchner
Director/Writer/Producer/DP/Music:  Adam Huber
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