Adventures in Jedi School

Jedi School 3: Rise of the Troubling Question About Droids

Once upon a time the Rebels and Empire relied on droids, then didn't, then did again.

Cast and Crew

VFX:  Aaron Rovner
Additional Graphics:  William Janes
Makeup Assistant:  Teresa Aguilera
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Costume Assistant:  Sarah Levinson
Costume Designer:  Nola Yergen
Production Designer:  Chloe Arbiture
Sound:  Ashley Maria
Best Boy Electric:  Dominic Butts
Gaffer:  Rowan Byers
Best Boy Grip:  Edgar Gomez
Key Grip:  Donato Bragagnolo
B Camera Assistant:  Sara Garth
B Camera Operator:  Brian Townsend
First Assistant Camera:  Dan Marino
Production Assistant:  Christopher Hiscox
Assistant Director:  Carly Sturgeon
Production Assistant/Extra:  Robert Waters
Producer:  Gil Marsden
Randy Carmeesian/Poster Designer:  Daniel O'Brien
Mudd Mudd:  Michael Swaim
Meaners Badso:  Soren Bowie
VFX/Writer/Creator/Jank Sunmooner:  Cody Johnston
Production Assistant/Extra/Cronie:  Noah Byrne
Villien Twan A'li ohAh:  Katie Willert
Sessa Prin/Associate Producer:  Katy Stoll
Master Evol:  Dylan Seaton
Associate Producer/Extra/Cronie:  Breandan Carter
Director/Editor/Creator/VFX:  Abe Epperson
VFX Coordinator:  Randall Maynard
Production Manager:  Adam Ganser
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
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