The Terrifying Downside of Rolling With a Posse

Seriously. You guys don't need to watch me sleep. Don't you have homes?

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:  Zack Poitras
Special Thanks:  Morgan Evans
Special Thanks:  Paul Noth
Special Thanks:  Emilea Wilson
Choreographer:  Tallie Medel
Assistant Colorist:  Phillip Russell
Colorist/VFX:  Christian Rush
Editor:  Michael Mercadante
Production Assistant:  Tom Juba
Production Assistant:  Jason Meyer
Production Assistant:  Cat Sully
Production Assistant:  Nick Acierno
Driver/Production Assistant:  Ryan Brown
Art Director:  Emily DeBlasi
Key Grip:  John Callejas
Gaffer:  Steven Niemann
Assistant Camera:  John Callejas
Stedi-Cam Operator:  James Christiano
Camera Operator:  Charlie DesJardin
Unit Production Manager:  Tom Capps
Assistant Director:  Kevin Etherson
Posse Member:  Nick Acierno
Posse Member:  Jason Meyer
Posse Member:  Ryan Brown
Posse Member:  Tom Juba
Posse Member:  Willy Appleman
Posse Member:  Jabari Whitted
Posse Member:  Chris Johnson
Posse Member:  Ryan Ramirez
Posse Member:  Kareem Clarke
Posse Member:  Douglas Widick
Posse Member:  Tom Capps
Posse Member:  John Swan
Posse Member:  Matt Cutler
Posse Member:  Emilea Wilson
Posse Member:  Jeremy Bent
Posse Member:  Riley Soloner
Posse Member:  Aquarius Cheers
Posse Member:  Sekou Tucker
Director of Photography:  Phillip Russel
Producer:  Tom Capps
Producer:  Kevin Etherson
Produced by:  Thursday Shoots
Writer/Director/Posse Leader:  Patrick Noth
Writer/Director/Posse Leader:  Patrick Noth
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