Honest Ads

If Beer Commercials Were Honest

Breweries would go out of business in a hurry.

Cast and Crew

Girl #3:  Krystyna Ahlers
Girl #2:  Mariana Vilchez
Girl #1:  Samantha Bowling
Dude #5:  Denver Milord
Dude #2:  Greg Scali
Dude #1:  Brett Rader
Narrator:  Jack Hunter
Data Image Transfer:  Eric Robbins
Sound:  Valen Hernandez
Hair/Makeup:  Erica Powell
Art Director:  Emily Auble
Swing:  Mitchell Brown
Key Grip:  Donato Bragagnolo
Gaffer:  Katie Walker
1st Assistant Camera:  Dan Marino
Production Assistant:  Robert Waters
1st Assistant Director:  Carly Sturgeon
Producer:  Gil Marsden
Writer:  Michael Swaim
Dude #4:  Matt Barrs
Producer:  Katy Stoll
Dude #3:  Dylan Seaton
Director/Editor:  Abe Epperson
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
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