When Body Switching Movies Collide

Cast and Crew

VFX Artist:  Aaron Rovner
Sound:  Scott Hardie
Hair/Makeup:  Carsen LaBella
Costume Designer:  Alex Simone
Production Designer:  Bonnie Bacevich
Grip/Electric:  Brian Townsend
Grip/Electric:  Donato Bragagnolo
Gaffer:  Katie Walker
1st Assistant Camera:  David Bostrom
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
Intern:  Andrew Walker
Production Assistant:  Rober Waters
1st Assistant Director:  Carly Sturgeon
Mom:  Emily Maya Mills
Ghost:  Nathan Turner
Writer/Sam/Editor:  Michael Swaim
Director/Editor:  Abe Epperson
Al:  Cody Johnston
Producer:  Katy Stoll
Associate Producer:  Breandan Carter
Girl:  Noel Wells
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