Sex as Understood by Someone Who's Clearly Never Had Sex

With all the tank tops and gold chains, we can't figure out why.

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:  Morgan Karabel
Special Thanks:  Jessica Cermak
Special Thanks:  Hilary DiLoreto
Special Thanks:  Barb Schaumberg
Wardrobe Consultant :  Becky Schaumberg
Brooklyn Girl #3:  Katya Ivash
Brooklyn Girl #2:  Christina Catechis
Brooklyn Girl #1:  Nicole Tzena
Sound Recording/Gaffer:  Sean Ryan
Location Supervisor/PA:  Melissa Tanis
Assistant Director:  Kristen Williamson
1st Assistant Camera:  Mel Ramos
Director of Photography:  Nevil Jackson
Associate Producer:  Breandan Carter
Producer/Writer/Director:  Bill Schaumberg
AJ/Writer/Music:  David DiLoreto
LaMarcus/Writer/Music:  Matthew DiLoreto
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