The Horrifying True Story of St. Patrick's Day

There's a good reason you don't know the true meaning of St. Patrick's day.

Cast and Crew

Wardrobe:  Monique Vatine
Production Assistant/Background:  Aaron Ganser
Makeup:  Kristen Castellano
Sound:  Mark Witte
Assistant Camera:  John Conway
Grip/Electric:  Austin Rusk
Grip/Electric:  Michael Stampler
Gaffer:  Alex Parker
Director of Photography:  Shane Patterson
Writer:  Ben Denny
Writer:  Daniel O'Brien
St. Patrick:  Michael Swaim
Corby:  Cody Johnston
St. Palladius:  Noah Byrne
Kately:  Katy Stoll
Breandy:  Breandan Carter
Director/Editor:  Adam Ganser
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