Internet Party

If Famous Websites Were People

Wasting Time at Work: The Movie.

Cast and Crew

Special FX:  Wren Weichman
Art Director:  Emily Auble
Giao-Chau Ly:  Production Designer
Makeup Assistant:  Cat Alfonso
Makeup Assistant:  Teresa Aguilera
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Sound:  Barry Neely
Swing:  Ellie Rabinowitz
Key Grip:  Kyle Leach
Gaffer:  Jeremy Royce
Grip/Swing:  Alex Parker
Director of Photography:  Shane Patterson
2nd Assistant Director:  Carly Sturgeon
1st Assistant Director:  Gil Marsden
CollegeHumor/Camera Assistant:  John Conway
Funny or Die:  Nick Clifford
The Onion:  Ryan Yantek
Huffington Post:  Dan Carter
Etsy:  April McCollough
Tumblr:  Brett Rader
Digg/Production Assistant:  Marc Ferrante
Pinterest:  Carrie Wiita
Bing:  Sam Richardson
Web MD:  Stephanie Nelson
Fail Blog:  Dan Rubiano
Buzzfeed:  Nicholas Clark
Know Your Meme:  Nathan Turner
Twitter:  Spencer Howard
Writer/Director/Google:  Michael Swaim
Cracked:  Soren Bowie
Writer/Reddit:  Cody Johnston
The Daily What:  Noah Byrne
Facebook:  Katie Willert
User/Associate Producer:  Katy Stoll
Kickstarter:  Dylan Seaton
Producer/YouTube:  Breandan Carter
Director/Editor:  Abe Epperson
The Pirate Bay/Associate Producer:  Adam Ganser
Instagram:  Greg Burke
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