The Terrifying Fallout of the 'Final Fantasy' Universe

Cast and Crew

Phoenix User 1:  Tito Rogers
Phoenix User 2:  Cameron Reck
Phoenix User 3:  Billy Fridely
Sephiroth:  Edward Zo
Yuna:  Kasey Marr
Art Director:  Lauren Stewart
Production Designer:  Bonnie Bacevich
Costume Designer:  Heather Chaffe
Additional Makeup:  Teresa Aguilera
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Sound:  Mark Witte
Key Grip:  Ryan Verbel
Gaffer:  Kaitlyn Walker
2nd Assistant Camera:  Blake Engel
1st Assistant Camera:  Daniel Satinoff
Stage Manager:  Daniel O'Keefe
Production Assistant:  Shane Patterson
1st Assistant Director:  Gil Marsden
Producer:  Nicholas Lazo
Writer/Director:  Michael Swaim
Cloud Strife:  Soren Bowie
Auron:  Cody Johnston
Phoenix User 6:  Noah Byrne
Phoenix User 4:  Matt Barrs
Tifa:  Katie Willert
Orderly/Associate Producer:  Katy Stoll
Black Mage/Associate Producer:  Breandan Carter
Director/Editor:  Abe Epperson
Phoenix User 5:  Noel Wells
Director of Photography:  Michael Cox
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