Stuff That Must Have Happened

The Worst Decision Ever Made in the Harry Potter Universe

Cast and Crew

Composer:  Kenny Wood
Stunt Coordinator:  Chris Bradley
Art Director:  Lauren Stewart
Production Designer:  Bonnie Bacevich
Costume Design:  Monica Chamberlain
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Production Sound:  Brian Lam
Swing:  Michael Stampler
Swing:  Donato Bragagnolo
Key Grip:  Kyle Leach
Stedicam Operator:  Grant Culwell
2nd Assistant Camera/DIT:  Eric Parkin
1st Assistant Camera:  Alicia Fischmeister
Director of Photography/Colorist:  Matt Edwards
Production Assistant:  Gil Marsden
1st Assistant Director:  Gregg Meller
Producer:  Nicholas Lazo
Barry:  Daniel O'Brien
Hufflepuff:  Michael Swaim
Gryffindor:  Soren Bowie
Writer/Slytherin/VFX:  Cody Johnston
Ravenclaw/Associate Producer:  Katy Stoll
Associate Producer:  Breandan Carter
Director/Editor/Post-Sound:  Adam Ganser
Gaffer:  Michael Cox
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