Santa Throws a Badass Afterparty

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:  Jose Zayas
Special Thanks:  Katie O'Connell
Special Thanks:  Mary Grill
Special Thanks:  Magnus Andersen
Special Thanks:  Chelsea Schuster
Special Thanks:  Tanya Granados
Special Thanks:  Josh Hetzler
Special Thanks:  Yamin Segal
Special Thanks:  Chad Hamilton
Special Thanks:  Wayne McElroy
Special Thanks:  Anthony Mancilla
Special Thanks:  Helena Lukas
Special Thanks:  Mishka Brown
Production Design:  Lily Hetzler
Production Design:  Audra Brandt
Production Design:  Carmen Albano
Cookie Czar:  Erin Feeley
Cookie Czar:  Erica Fishman
Production Manager:  Lauren Weisstein
Sound:  Paula Vecino
Sound:  Charlie Porter
Hair/Makeup:  Erin Schultz
Wardrobe:  Dasha Martikainen
Editor:  Charlie Porter
Photography:  Geoffrey Feinberg
Executive Producer:  Zachary Quinto
Executive Producer:  Sean Akers
Executive Producer:  Corey Moosa
Executive Producer:  Neal Dodson
Director/Writer/Producer:  Victor Quinaz
Writer/Actor/Producer:  Anna Martemucci
Cast:  Jessica Hong
Producer/Director of Photography:  Giovanni P. Autran
Cast:  Philip Quinaz
Cast:  Evan Leed
Cast:  Matt Hobby
Cast:  Brian Shoaf
Cast:  Alison Fyhrie
Producer/Art Director:  Leah Quinaz
Executive Producer:  Scott Robinson
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