If 'A Christmas Carol' Was More Realistic

Cast and Crew

Doctor:  Nick Lahar
Katie's Mom:  Hannah Pierce
Young Man:  Nicholas Harsin
Dinner Guest 4:  Whitney Pollett
Dinner Guest 3:  Erika Harrell
Dinner Guest 2:  Alex Rajaofera
Dinner Guest 1/Nurse:  Lourdes Avila
Lisa:  Amelia Harris
Key Grip/Sound:  Brandon Cano-Errecart
Gaffer:  Cooper Griggs
Hair/Makeup:  Heather Galipo
Production Designer:  Lauren Stewart
Director of Photography:  Jeff Dolan
Modern Ghost/Co-Producer:  Kevin Best
Ghost Bob:  Michael Swaim
Katie:  Katie Willert
Angelic Ghost/Co-Producer:  Katy Stoll
Writer:  Breandan Carter
Producer/Katie's Dad:  Daniel Gordh
Director/Editor/DP:  Will Gordh
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