The Rise and Fall of The Most Famous Background Actor Ever

Sometimes it's hard to adjust to the spotlight. Especially when people keep making you stand behind houseplants.

Cast and Crew

Producer:  Andrew Melting
Producer:  Ben Orell
Producer:  Brad Carlson
Producer:  Mike Gillespie
Hair/Make Up:  Heather Galipo
Tom Cruise:  Evan Ferrante
Grip:  Katie Walker
Grip:  Michael Cox
Assistant Camera:  John Conway
Director of Photography:  Abe Epperson
Himself:  Alex Rhodes
The On Screen Director:  Daniel O'Brien
Director/Producer:  Adam Ganser
Writer/Director/Editor/George Lucas:  Cody Johnston
Sound:  Mark Witte
Interviewer:  Noah Byrne
Agent/Producer:  Katy Stoll
Paparazzi/Producer:  Breandan Carter
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