A Tribute to Everyone Who is Getting Too Old for Video Games

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:  The Liau Family
Special Thanks:  Roberta Bonisson
Special Thanks:  8 Bit And Up Video Games
Gamer:  Mike
Gamer:  Kenneth
Gaming Footage Coordinator, Props:  Chris
Production Assistant:  Brian DiLoreto
Production Assistant:  Hilary DiLoreto
Sound Recording/Key Grip:  Ben Becker
Assistant Director:  Allie Esslinger
Dave/Music/Lyrics:  David DiLoreto
Director of Photography/Producer/Effects:  Jim Turner
Orchestration/Synth Bass:  Ray Nissen
Song Mixing and Mastering/Guitars:  Bob Perry
Synth Drums:  Matthew DiLoreto
Lyrics:  Cody Johnston
Jib Operator/Gaffer:  Rich Samalot
Lyrics:  Breandan Carter
Director/Producer/Writer/Editor:  Bill Schaumberg
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