How to Survive Life as a Character in a Bad Work of Fiction

Rule number one: Don't be a proxy for the writer's annoying wife.

Cast and Crew

Production Assistant:  Robert
Composer:  Kenny Wood
Grip:  Sergio Arroyo
Grip:  Christian Contreras
Grip:  Will Jobe
Gaffer:  Max Joslyn
1st Assistant Camera:  Erika Edgerly
Producer/Assistant Director:  Nicholas Lazo
Director of Photography:  Luke Patton
Production Designer:  Emily Auble
Art Director:  Giao Chau Ly
Sound:  Luis Molgaard
Daniel Smith:  Daniel O'Brien
Lord Coodlesmythe:  Michael Swaim
Visual FX:  Cody Johnston
Makeup Artist:  Matt Barrs
Lady Puntress Von Pwomp:  Katie Willert
Dan's Girlfriend:  Katy Stoll
Additional Graphics:  Randall Maynard
Director/Editor:  Adam Ganser
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