When Movie Montages Get Out of Hand

The montage to end all movie montages.

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:  Elite Heat Boxing Gym
Special Thanks:  Andy O'Donnell
Special Thanks:  Drew Callander
Special Thanks:  Adam Gerloff
Score:  Tom O'Brien
Editor:  Chris Chuang
Extra:  Leah Antonellis
Extra:  Michael Dronne
Extra:  Boris Khaykin
Extra:  Dave McGrath
Extra:  Casey Woods
Extra:  Wendy Xu
Extra:  Inam Quazi
Extra:  Brian Boisier
Extra:  Ruby Frink
Extra:  Katie East
Extra:  Sam Bradford
Extra:  Fiona Bradford
Extra:  Nadia Quinn
Extra:  Julia Hynes
Extra:  Tim Eberle
Extra:  Matt Mykityshyn
Extra:  Chino as Balthazaar
Extra:  Anthony Younes
Extra:  Matt Tucker
Extra:  Lulu Belle Gerloff
Hannah:  Jackie Jennings
Apollo:  Donnell Edward Rouse
Mickey:  Roy Rogers
Miyagi:  Glenn Kubota
Protagonist:  Joe Miles
Makeup:  Grace Paik
Production Assistant:  Tracy Storen
Assistant Camera:  Matt Strickland
Director of Photography:  Chunwoo Kae
FX:  Cody Johnston
Assistant Editor:  Breandan Carter
Director/Producer:  Missing Earl
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