The birth of every single asshole in America in a single conversation.

Cast and Crew

L. Ron Hubbard:  Tim Stampher
Special Thanks:  Gabe Renfro
Special Thanks:  Ian Ward
Production Assistant:  Aaron
Production Assistant:  Rob
Lighting:  Sergio Arroyo
Lighting:  Christian Contreras
Electric:  Max Joslyn
1st Assistant Camera:  Erika Edgerly
Producer/1st Assistant Director:  Nick Lazo
Director of Photography:  Luke Patton
Production Designer :  Emily Auble
Art Director:  Giao Chau Ly
Production Sound:  Rebecca Chan
Original Score :  Kenny Wood
Hair/Make-Up:  Natalie Rose
Script:  David Wong
Post Fx:  Cody Johnston
Ayn Rand:  Katie Willert
Writer:  Paul Bibeau
Director/Editor:  Adam Ganser
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