Never fall in love with a high school student. That's good advice, even if you aren't over the age of 25. We explain why.

Cast and Crew

Naked Man:  Nicholas Day Clark
Undercover Black Guy:  Craig Frank
Reggie:  Kevin Best
Tyler:  Teddy Garces
Reporter:  Nellie Barnett
Teacher:  John Joyce
Hair and Make-up:  Cambria Serrano
Costume Design:  Emily Auble
Production Design:  Giao-Chau Ly
Gaffer:  Eric Hagood
Boom Operator:  Brandon Cano-Errecart
Girl-as-boy:  Katie Willert
Director:  Katy Stoll
Location Supervisor:  Lisa Marie King
Hanson:  Daniel Gordh
Director of Photography:  Will Gordh
Writer:  Jonathan Schwabe
Assistant Director:  Adam Ganser
Penhall:  Greg Burke
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