Showdown at the Hipster Saloon

How hipsters should settle their (pointless) arguments.

Cast and Crew

Directory of Photography:  Chris Low
Director:  Nardeep Khurmi
Writer:  Kelly Landry
Writer:  Craig Lee Thomas
Writer:  Lisa J Dooley
Special Thanks:  Trey Livingston
Special Thanks:  John Haegele
Patron:  Mandi Kate Tollefson
Patron:  Taylor Panasetti
Patron:  Allen Rueckertt
Patron:  Will Spangola
Patron:  Katie Scarlett
Patron:  Meredith O'Leary
Patron:  Katy Dolle
Patron:  Molly Schreiber
Patron:  Justin Gordon
Patron:  Heidi Germaine
Patron:  Dante Fernandez
Patron:  Mark Elefane
Patron:  John Haegele
Patron:  Jessie Evans
Bartender:  Kelly Landry
Hero:  Craig Lee Thomas
Villain:  Lisa J Dooley
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