After Hours Season 2

Why The Star Trek Universe is Secretly Horrifying

It's not all ray guns and halodeks and telportation devices up in here.

Cast and Crew

Extra:  Samantha Bowling
Extra:  Andi O'Conner
Production Assistant:  Donte Green
Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe:  Alessandra Avellanet
Sound:  Zsolt Magyar
Electric:  Casey Fera
Electric:  Noah Flippo
Lighting:  Steve Smith
Director of Photography:  Gustavo Petersen
Waitress:  Brandi Facholas
Dan's Brain:  Anthony Clark
Katie's Brain:  Bret Herholz
Dan:  Daniel O'Brien
Writer/Michael:  Michael Swaim
Soren:  Soren Bowie
Animation Director/Chef:  Cody Johnston
Director:  Justin Viar
Michael's Brain:  Winston Rowntree
Soren's Brain:  Matt Barrs
Katie:  Katie Willert
Production Manager:  Breandan Carter
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