After Hours Season 2

If You Could Have Dinner (And Sex) With Any Famous Figure

Behind every boring conversation starter, there are four much more interesting conversations about Pauly Shore movies, and sex with Benjamin Franklin.

Cast and Crew

Waitress:  Susan Cross
Production Assistant:  Alisha Rayne
Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe:  Brittney D’Anelli
Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe:  Alessandra Avellanet
Sound:  Mike Halper
Electric:  Casey Fera
Lighting:  Andrew Meyers
Director of Photography:  Gustavo Petersen
Katie's Brain:  Bret Herholz
Dan's Brain:  Anthony Clark
Dan:  Daniel O'Brien
Writer:  Jack O'Brien
Michael:  Michael Swaim
Soren:  Soren Bowie
Cook/Animation Director:  Cody Johnston
Director:  Justin Viar
Michael's Brain:  Winston Rowntree
Script Supervisor:  Matt Barrs
Soren's Brain:  Matt Barrs
Katie:  Katie Willert
Production Assistant:  Breandan Carter
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