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3 Money Making Tips (We Legally Can't Recommend)

Seriously, do not follow any of the advice in this show unless you live in a particularly insane cartoon.

Cast and Crew

Secretary :  Katherine Thorne
Fat Interviewee :  Kevin Best
Little Boy:  Kyle Mooney
Lemonade Patron #1:  Kali Cook
Lemonade Patron #2:  Dan Rogers
Arm Rental Girl:  Samantha Posey
Lighting/Electric:  Lindsey Covarrubias
Lighting:  Kaelan Smith
Producer/Sound:  Blessing Yen
Chuck Johnson:  Michael Swaim
Skinny Interviewee :  Matt Barrs
Lighting/Electric:  Matt Barrs
Kassandra Cone:  Katy Stoll
Producer:  Katy Stoll
Dr. Cone:  Daniel Gordh
Director/ Producer:  Daniel Gordh
Director of Photography:  Will Gordh
Director/Editor:  Will Gordh
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