The Katie Willert Experience

The Only Possible Explanation for Enthusiastic Traffic Cops

Cheerful people confuse us.

Cast and Crew

Dancer/Hostage:  Matt Samuels
Dancer/Hostage:  Colin McHale
Dancer/Hostage:  Alfonzo Spigner
Dancer/Hostage:  Ena Fleming
Dancer/Hostage:  Smaranda Luna
Dancer/Hostage:  Carrie Prince
Hula Hooper:  Lindsey Covarrubias
Sign Spinner:  Kevin Best
Director of Photography:  Katie Goldschmidt
Writer:  Kristi Harrison
Traffic Cop:  Katie Willert
Producer/Dancer:  Katy Stoll
Skeevy Steve/Producer:  Daniel Gordh
Director/Editor:  Will Gordh
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