The Fastest Rise and Fall In The History of Hollywood

Hollywood's famous for chewing people up and spitting them out. But sometimes Hollywood doesn't take the time to chew properly, and learns a valuable lesson about eating like a barnyard animal.

Cast and Crew

Bethany's Friend:  Molly McAdoo
Editor:  John Daigle
Original Music:  Firstcom Music
Original Music:  Matt Anderson
Assistant Director:  JP Quicquaro
Director of Photography:  Chet Woodruff
Director of Photography:  Skyler Rousselet
Hollywood Girlfriend:  Jessy Hodges
Hollywood Agent:  Beck Bennett
Bethany:  Anna Greenfield
Intro Voice/Bethany's Friend:  Lannon Killea
Garrett/Associate Producer:  Aaron Schroeder
Lonny:  Alex Anfanger
Writer:  Alex Anfanger
Writer/Director:  Dan Schimpf
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