Stuff That Must Have Happened

Ralph: The Last Guy to Wear a Hitler Mustache in America

Cast and Crew

Original Score:  Kenny Wood
Sound Design:  Steve Klems
Hair/Make-Up:  Daniela Richardson
Wardrobe:  Megan Klimkos
Sound:  Scott Hardie
Art Department:  Atourina Barkho
Electric/Lighting:  Greg Scali
Producer/1st Assistant Director:  J. A. Conway
Director of Photography :  Matthew Edwards
1st Assistand Camera:  Katie Walker
Production Designer:  Emily Auble
Boss:  Daniel O'Brien
Co-Writer:  Jack O'Brien
Co-Writer:  Michael Swaim
Ralph:  Michael Swaim
Johnson:  Daniel Gordh
Electric/Lighting:  Will Gordh
Director/Producer/Editor:  Adam Ganser
Lighting:  Michael Cox
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