Unsolved Mysteries

Humans have consciousness, which means we like to know things. Our brains are also stupidly good at forming patterns and solving mysteries. So when a mystery is unsolved? When we don't know something? Super frustrating! Just the worst. Like, stay-up-all-night, scour-the-internet, determinedly-try-to-solve-the-unsolvable frustrating. Do you know who shot the Swedish Prime Minister? No? Neither do we, but it doesn't stop us trying to find out! 

No matter how terrifying the unexplainable is, we go nuts for these mysteries. Sometimes, we desperately need to know the answer. Sometimes, we feel like some coincidence explains it all. Or maybe we like feeling self-satisfied that the mystery is solved. Either way, like the rest of the internet, we love these unsolved mysteries, and today, we share them with you: 

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