Johnny Depp was almost the Hulk, but we guess a story about man who struggles with personal demons to the point where he becomes violent rage monster thanks to something in his blood would've been an unrealistic move for the Secret Window star. The Hulk is a tricky beast to film—even our own writers' closet is split as to whether The Incredible Hulk is a great movie or if it could've benefited from some Hulk boning action. The MCU seems to have settled on Comedy Hulk, which we enjoy with reservations. Here's hoping for an empowering She-Hulk and a couple Hulk vs. Wolverine/Hulk vs. The Thing movies down the line. 

The 7 Most Common CGI Screw-Ups (Explained)

If you've watched movies in the past 10 years, you've probably at some point complained about horrible CG, because you movie viewers are ungrateful little jackanapes. Well, here's why it's so bad.

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